Saturday, May 11, 2013

My mother...

My mother is 86 and I can't even tell you the gratefulness I feel in my heart to have her here, on this earth, with me still.  I don't think of her as 86... probably because she doesn't ACT like she's 86.

Do you know what she's doing today?  She's spring cleaning her kitchen.  It's the last room in her house to do.  She has done all the others already.  It IS May 11th you know. 

Have you washed all your walls, taken down all the pictures and other various knick knacks, cleaned them, washed the curtains, floors and windows?  Have you taken everything from every drawer in the whole house and washed out the drawers?  And cupboards?  And fridge?  And pantry?  Have you washed your throw pillows, throw blankets and every piece of bed linen you own?  Have you cleaned under your mattress?  How about taken apart your baseboard heating thingys and sucked out any runaway dust bunnies that you might not get from a regular run thru with a vacuum? 


Me either.

But my mother has.  She does this every year.  This year she has needed more help than in the past but still...   On her down time from spring cleaning, she has been getting out all her summer clothes, ironing every single piece and hanging them all up... replacing the winter clothes that she just did the same thing to about 6 months ago, many of which she didn't wear probably... but they NEED to be ironed.  If I had a nickel for every time my mother asked... "you're going to wear that without ironing it?"

To say my mother is a hard worker doesn't quite cover things.  My mother is a HARD WORKER. 

And she doesn't just work for herself, even at her age.  Just this week she made a meal for my sister.  Why?  Well, because she always takes her to her doctor appointments and pays for her lunch, that's why.

Of course the real reason is because that's just who she is.  She's happiest when she's serving others.  Having a clean, welcoming, loving home is the epitome of serving others... and she welcomes everyone with open arms.  Most leave with full bellies and, more importantly, full hearts.  She cooks/bakes constantly for her grown children and reminds me quite often that if I lived closer, she'd do it for me too.

I wish I DID live closer... but not so she could cook dinner for me.

I wish I could visit for an afternoon.  I wish I could drive over and take her to lunch.  I wish I could pick her up and take her to my kids various athletic events.  I wish I could sit on her deck with her, enjoying the fruit of her labor outside (because if you haven't already guessed, the outside is as lovely as the inside of her home).  

I do call her every morning.  She tells me every detail of her days and I love that.  And she asks me about every detail of MY days and I love THAT.  It's not as sweet as being with her physically, but it is sweet still.  She expects my calls and, if I miss a day or 2 I can always count on a lengthy message on my answering machine upon arriving home... complete with the details of her day. 

So today I want to take the time to honor my mother publicly... I want her and the rest of the world to know how much she means to me.  I want to thank her for her sacrifices... so many in the past and so many still every day.  I want to tell her how much I appreciate her willingness to put others first, always.

She is a blessing to my family and a blessing to many other families.  It's just who she is.  I hope to be to my children just a smidgeon of the blessing that she is to hers.

My mother passing the reins... 
(NOT something she does easily OR quickly... she likes to be the one taking care of everyone)

I love you Ma!


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