Friday, May 31, 2013

Ride your bike to school day...

Today was the day that the primary school kids all met in the center of town and rode their bikes to school.  The town was buzzing... kids everywhere, policemen directing traffic and long lines of cars waiting patiently as they all went past. There were big bikes, little bikes, trike bikes and bikes with carriers on the back.  Lots and lots of bikes.

My older kids were never interested in riding their bikes to school so we have never participated.  But today... if you could have seen Josh's face when he saw all the bikes, kids, cars and hub bub.  He was quiet but he didn't need to say a word... his thoughts were clearly written all over his face.

That boy wants, with every bit of his being, to ride a bike. 

But he can't.  He just can't.  He has (somewhat) come to accept it and doesn't ask 532 times a day anymore, but when he saw all those kids riding all those bikes... oh, be still my heart.

It's days like today that make me sad.  I wish for him that he could hop on a bike and take off down the road to grammies just like my other kids.  I wish he could balance and pedal and brake and look forward all at the same time.  But he can't.  Today, I just wish he could be like them.

He recovered nicely tho and decided that, instead of dwelling on it, he would roll the window down and greet everyone we passed with a hearty wave and loud hello.

And I might have asked him not to do that.

And he might have looked at me and said "Why? It's fun." 

And I might have learned something from him again... like don't sweat the small stuff and be content with the hand your dealt. 

 Not the best photo or lighting but the best kiss...

Have a great weekend everyone... and remember, don't sweat the small stuff. 


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