Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm sorry...

Why are those 2 little words so difficult to say? 

Jon and I had a squabble last night.  You know, the kind where dumb stuff just flies from your mouth and you know it's dumb right when you're saying it but you still keep talking?  Yeah... that kind.  I think my words were something about him caring way more for one kid than another.  I think I told him to get a grip and then I think I told him he wasn't mature (yes, I do see the irony here thank you).

All of those things were ridiculous and none of those things should have been said.  He actually smiled at me at one point, which usually doesn't help when we are in the thick of things and it didn't help last night either. 

But then the evening took over, homework had to be done, dinner made, Jared had wrestling, Abby didn't feel well... the usual... and the little tiff kinda got forgotten.  Until Jon gently reminded me later that I needed to apologize to him.  ***sigh***

I did as requested (shouldn't have had to be requested) but I'm pretty sure it wasn't heart felt or sincere and I'm pretty sure he knew it wasn't heart felt or sincere. 

Fast forward to this morning at 6:40.  We have to leave the house by 7 to get the big kids to school on time and Abby has already gotten a few late slips (her excuse to them was that her brother has Down Syndrome but that wasn't really enough for them... they don't know her brother).  Anyway... Josh was still sleeping.

Abby tried to gently wake him but he wasn't having anything to do with crawling out of the covers.  I finally had to yell (and yes, I know yelling isn't the answer).  When we finally got his shoes and coat on, he wanted me to carry him.  He's 85 lbs. of pure heaviness... I can NOT carry him.  Jared and Abby both offered but he wanted me.  He had JUST been woken out of a dead sleep, was cold, was being told to hurry up and his feet were being stuffed into shoes... and he wanted his mother.  Go figure.  I finally had to yell (and yes, I know that yelling isn't the answer).  He began to pout and we all left the house to wait for him to make a good choice... in the car (are you feeling as bad as me yet?  poor josh...).

A minute or so passed with Caleb telling me I'm too easy on him and Abby telling Caleb that he needs to be quiet... when Abby finally went back in to see if he was okay.  He was crying by this time... all out tears and sobs.  Poor Josh.  She lured him to the car with promises of his favorite game after school and off we went. 

After coming back home, as I served him his breakfast, he looked me right square in the eye and said "I'm sorry mom".  I probably looked confused when I asked him what he was sorry for, but the whole unfortunate episode of 30 minutes prior was gone from my mind.  He said "I'm sorry mom, carry me, I not come outside, I'm sorry mom."  He held his arms out straight to the side and gave me the biggest hug ever. 

That kid... he puts me to shame every time. 

And, for what it's worth... I texted Jon a heart felt and sincere apology. 

And I apologized to Josh (because he should NOT have been yelled at and his mother needs to learn to be more patient... end of story).

On a happier note... Caleb received the honor of being chosen student of the month for November and December!

(please don't ask why he didn't find out until January and why it was for 2 months...who am I to question Noble High School?)

I'm sure the same note goes home to each family that's son or daughter gets chosen, but it sure does make you feel good.  It talked about how he has made a significant contribution to the life of the school through academics, leadership or service.  

(i'm only slightly amused that he wasn't even THERE in December because of his shoulder surgery... but who am I to question Noble High School?)

I remember when he was in kindergarten and Mrs. Hunt did a 'student of the month' bulletin board and I was proud then.  She gave everyone a month, but it still felt special to have him recognized.  Well, this feels even MORE special.  

We are very proud of Caleb and all that he is accomplishing.  He has had some physical setbacks in terms of playing sports, but he doesn't ever complain about any of that.  I complain and question, he just seems to have a quiet trust in God's plan for his life.  I admire him. 

We love you!

And on an even happier note... my husband just responded to my text with a request for a date tonight!!  Awww...


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