Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 20...

Tonight's post is my top 20 list.  It's the top 20 things I thought about as I was cleaning today.

Admit it... you're psyched.  (hahahahaha... you'll quickly learn that it doesn't take an awful lot to amuse me).

1.  Everyone has dirt.  Everyone's home gets dirty and it's the same kind of dirt that I have in my very own home.  Teachers, medical professionals, stay at home moms... doesn't matter, it's still dirt.

2.  I miss my mom.  I need to plan a visit soon.

3.  Snow is beautiful.  It always reminds me of God because the ground is so icky dirty (like my heart) and then it snows (God) and is covered in beauty again.

4.  Long haired dogs shed... a LOT. 

5.  Stainless steal appliances aren't all they are cracked up to be (if anyone has any great tips for cleaning them, I'm all ears).  I'll take my mismatched black and white ones any day of the week.

6.  If the government furloughs my husband the 22 days they are threatening... we're in trouble.

7.  Josh's hip probably needs to be looked at... and soon (it clunks all the time and the complaints are more often)... UGH.

8.  I hope none of the families I clean for call me 'the cleaning lady'.  The term lady sounds so old... and lame (probably like I'm feeling right now).  I'd rather be called... um... Susan.

9.  I never thought I'd BE a cleaning lady.......

10.  I love wide pine board floors.  Sure, they are rustic and look old and are hard to clean... but nothing speaks of 'early American coziness' quite like they do.

11.  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers... every home needs them. 

12.  It's much easier to organize clutter for someone else.

13.  Electrolux vacuums rock!!  I have one, my mom has one and the family I cleaned for today has one... I seriously love Electrolux vacuums. 

14.  I think I vacuumed up a very large quantity of wood pellets today.  And the more I think about it, the worse I feel.  I thought they were something that the dog(s) had gotten into.  They probably could have started a fire with them.  Yes, it was that many. 

15.  Cleaning floors on snowy days with long haired dogs does not allow said floors to stay clean very long. 

16.  The purple Windex smells SO good.

17.  I'm tired.

18.  I'm really tired.

19.  Josh makes me laugh... even when he's being naughty (and that's a problem because he knows he makes me laugh even when he's being naughty).

20.  I miss my mom.

Hope you all had such interesting things occupying your minds today too.

Me & mom 
(and the Thanksgiving turkey)
Sorry it's so large... I'll figure it out someday, just not today.



  1. I love your honesty....and I too LOVE my wide pine boards and non stainless steel appliances:) and I have NOT found a way to clean them when I clean my sisters rental in the summer... I complain EVERY time!

  2. My MIL tells me a little WD40 on a rag shines stainless steel like nothing else. She said the Maytag microwave repairman told her it was ok. I've yet to try it.