Saturday, January 5, 2013

The name...

So I've been thinking about blogging for a little while but honestly didn't think anything I had to say might be worthwhile (I still don't).  I finally decided to jump in for several reasons, all of which were nicely outlined in my very first post (but it got eaten up by the great unknown and I can't remember all that it said).  Probably the biggest reason for my blogging tho is completely selfish, it's to help me remember. 

I have no memory.

My 86 year old mother remembers things much more clearly than I do.  She often reminds me of details.  Sometimes I just nod and act like I remember, simply because I can't believe I've lost something else.  I do have memories... scents, songs, sayings... sometimes those will jog the ones I have... but overall, my memory stinks.  It makes me very sad. 

The kids often ask me "don't you remember when...?"  I always respond... no.  I wish I did.  I'm thankful that we have LOTS of pictures and LOTS of videotapes from when they were little, because otherwise it would all be a blur.  I sometimes spend hours watching those tapes.  They are priceless.

Everyone says it's because I'm busy.  I have a lot on my mind, on my plate.  But I think that's just their way of trying to make me feel better.  Truth be told, I am slightly concerned about it (okay, more than slightly).  I turned on the water in the sink the other day so I could do the dishes.  I walked away and... you guessed it... forgot.  It's things like that.  Scary huh?

The good things, the bad things, the ugly things.  I want to remember everything and I think that writing it down will help me.  I hope...

So it needed a name, the blog.  Everyone has such cute names, catchy, play on words, original, sweet, memorable.  But all I could come up with is "It is what it is...".  That completely explains our lives, but it wasn't all that catchy, or memorable.  I asked around and enlisted the help of some friends.  I told them I wanted the blog to be about life, mostly (but not solely) about Down Syndrome, how DS affects our family... and God.  Many of them had fabulous ideas... but one of them named it for me.  She said "well, you're always saying how you wouldn't change Josh for anything, that he's perfect just the way he is... so how about Wonderfully Made"? 

Does she know me or what?

I believe that Josh IS wonderfully made.  Perfectly and wonderfully made.  He was created within my womb with an extra chromosome.  Yes!  Created like that!  The Maker of the whole entire universe saw fit to bless MY son with a little something extra.  Wonderful.

Wonderfully made.

Of course I believe all of my kids were made wonderfully.  Created with each their own personalities, quirks, brains (and lack there of sometimes).  Jon and I were just talking the other day about how different Caleb and Jared are.  I don't think 2 kids that came from the same 2 parents could BE any different.  Caleb is quiet, compliant, unsure of himself in many ways and happy to be alone.  Jared is loud(ish), questions E.V.E.R.Y.thing (which WILL be the death of me) and so sure of himself it scares me.  He also loves being with his friends and isn't afraid to be the talker in the bunch.  Both of them are great kids (for the most part... none of us are perfect)... just very very different.  Abby is a nice (and not so nice sometimes) mix of each of them.  She has traits from each of them and lends herself to whichever brother is being nice to her at the time.  But yes... all of them were wonderfully made.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Psalm 139:13-14

Wonderfully made.  Perfect.

I picked this picture for this post because it was the first "all of 'em" picture ever taken.  Josh was about 3 weeks old and had only been home from the hospital for about 2 days.  It was Easter Sunday.  Aren't they perfect?  Not!!  haha!!

Love, Susan

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  1. Beautiful! Your blog is splendiferous! Thank God our kids remember things...although they typically exaggerate their memories. "Remember when you went to California and Dad took us to KFC every night for dinner?" He denies it. Today I took a walk down memory lane and made a chicken pot pie for "The Little Family" next door-something I used to make often when I had a houseful. I guess I was missing the days when I had to be creative and keep my family fed. I wish I would have written my thoughts while they were growing up. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences with your beautiful family! Love you, Sue