Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 2...

One day down, 29 more to go. 

I didn't complain yesterday at all.  Ha... howdoyalikethat??  And NO, the roof did not fall in and nobody died... but it WAS a bit difficult.  The funny part is that when I stopped myself, not only did I realize how OFTEN I complain, but also became keenly aware of how dumb the things are that I complain about.


And this could become comic relief for Jon and the kids.  As we sat at dinner, I thanked him for choosing me (just like my post yesterday).  He looked at me like I had 2 heads and the kids all did double takes.  Everyone sat still for a moment before they asked me why I was being nice to Dad.  Okay then...

Before the end of the night, I wound up telling him the plan and then he REALLY laughed.  An evil laugh.  An oh good now what can I do to make her complain laugh.  Not even kidding.  He's trouble I'm telling you. The biggest instigator alive I'm telling you. 

Okay, so today I am supposed to think about all the ways that he serves me and thank him for it. 

(I can tell you one thing, he doesn't serve me by picking up his dirty socks from the living room floor... I digress... or regress... both fit nicely here.)

Serve me?  Hmmm...

1.  He works hard to pay all the bills AND he handles the finances (well, it's a joint effort in that we make decisions together, but I haven't written a check in years).
2.  He is my 'Jon-of-all-trades' and can fix (jerry-rig) anything under the sun.
3.  He does homework with the kids (I stopped being able to help them at around the 4th grade).
4.  He plays with the kids (this has always been his 'job' and he's quite good at it).
5.  He cooks on occasion (and is quite good at that too).
6.  He handles everything outside of these 4 walls (lawn, snow, pool, garden, wood... just to name a few).
7.  He keeps us warm (we've only lived here for 13 years, why would I need to learn how to build a fire?)
8.  (If I was doing these in order, this would be #1...)  He leads our home spiritually.  He always points us upward instead of inward and he tries hard to encourage us all to love and serve God first and foremost. 

I know there's more as he very rarely sits down.  He likes to be busy, mind and body. 

I think I'll keep him.

"the house the Jon built"
(I tease him that we live in the 'house that jack built'... held together with duct tape and dust.)

Adding this photo because my sister mentioned my dad not being at our wedding.  We did see him, 
but it was at the hospital.  Somewhere, there is a picture of he and I with Jon.  
Jon always says he wishes he had known him better.  I miss that man.

I hope those of you who are joining me had a great start too.


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