Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 7...

Let the whole world know... I made it thru an entire Sunday without complaining (all pats on the back welcome as I don't think I can remember this ever happening before).

That said, Jon and I did have a little discussion on the way home from church last night.  We decided to call it a discussion because it didn't involve raised voices and it wasn't about either of us.  It was a conversation about bothersome issues and what could be done to solve the problem (because we love to solve everyone else's problems). Nothing got accomplished except that he agreed I wasn't complaining as much as discussing (phew!). 

So all in all, I think yesterday was a total success thankyouverymuch.

And today's challenge is a piece of cake.  Simple.

I am to compliment him on his talents, abilities, hobbies, skills, interests... and, let me assure you, the man has talent and interest in just about every area known to man.

I am not kidding when I tell you that Jon can pick up just about any object and make music with it.  He has an amazingly beautiful, God-given, musical talent.  I have heard him play the guitar, flute, drums, piano, harmonica, violin, clarinet, recorder, organ and trumpet.  I have heard him make music out of objects that weren't meant for making music.  It's just in him.  It's what he does. 

He can sing too (beautifully, I might add).  I'm thankful that he has passed this onto our children... this uncanny ability to carry a tune...because I, unfortunately, do not own a musical bone in my body.  It makes my heart sing tho, does that count? 

One of my very favorite memories of when the kids were really small is of all the times Jon would just get out his guitar and make silly songs up as he went along.  He would sing of how Caleb fell in a puddle and had to muddle home to an arms up in the air belting out his name mother...or how Jared jumped from a tree, fell on the hose, broke his nose and watered his sister.  The kids would roll their eyes, giggle, add to the song, invariably get all wound up and make a lot of noise... but oh what I wouldn't give to have that noise back. 

Now when he does it... the silly songs involve girls and dates and driving cars or dressing to impress... but somehow he always manages to include the arms up in the air belting out their name mother.

Woodworking is another of his (many) talents.  He has built me many pieces of furniture over the years... my lovely (surprise for our wedding) hope chest, bookshelves, beds, end tables, a (huge) saltwater fish tank stand, a swingset and treehouse, computer armoire, bathroom cabinet and mirror... not to mention the acoustic guitar(s), music stand, speakers and various other things he has rigged up with wood to keep our home in working order. 

Other interests include hunting, fishing, boating, traveling, painting, hiking, camping, canoeing, exploring... let's just say there is not much down time.

It's funny how these things are passed along... Jon is so much like his dad in these areas and Caleb is so much like Jon. The 3 of them do an awful lot of pondering and puttering, that's for certain. 

One set of the pair of speakers...
(sadly and I'm quite embarrassed to admit that they are now
housed in the basement because I didn't love them in my living room)

 One of several guitars... 
(this picture impresses me... intricate and confusing)

Excuse the mess, but this photo shows my hope chest, one of
 the 2 tank stands, more speakers and a very cute little boy who is all grown up now!

So yes, I have married a man of many talents.  He often teases me that I'm jealous.

I might be, yeah... a little... so what? 


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