Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 3...

Okay, so I really want to complain today. 

I have a pounding terrible awful won't go away no matter the amount of Ibuprofen I take headache and I just want to whine about it. 

But I won't. 

I have not complained to or about my husband in 2 days.  Yes, I'm fully aware that it sounds pitiful to most normal people... 2 days, nothin' to write home about.  But it's so incredibly not like me... not at all.  I daydreamed about writing texts to him today.

But I didn't. 

Today the challenge is to thank my husband for being considerate. 

He loves to play loud music (Celtic, Christian, 80's... it matters not as long as it's loud) but refrains when I'm home because he knows how I love quiet.  

He takes his shoes off when he comes inside because we have more mud than the Embden Mud Runs.

He collects and washes all of the eggs because he knows how dry and crackly my hands are.

He wears his work pants/shirts 2 or 3 times before throwing them into the wash.

He cleans up all animal vomit (and trust me, our dog has issues so this is HUGE).

The more I type, the wider I smile... ahhhh... the glamorous life of a Lewis... mud, chickens and dog vomit, yeeehawww!!

And these might seem like petty things to some, but to me, they show me that he loves me.  He is considerate of my ears, my hands, my mountains of laundry and my sanity... he's also considerate of my heart and tells me that he loves me nearly every single day (even when I complain).

Even tho it's been a not so hot day, spending a little time thinking on these things has changed my mood around.   I'm thankful I married a considerate man.

Oldies but goodies!

Do you think he'll buy pizza tonight?  (I won't complain if he doesn't, I promise).


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