Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 6...

If ever there was a day that I would blow this challenge, it would be a Sunday.

You have heard about those families that fight, argue and complain all of Sunday morning while they are getting ready for church, only to show up in the parking lot all smiles and cheeriness?  Well, I'm sad to admit that we've been that family a few times too many.  I know Satan does everything in his power to discourage me on Sunday mornings and I am also sad to admit that I often let him.

And... if it had not been for Jon gently reminding of this challenge (I don't mean gently as in sweetly either... I mean gently as in getting in my face with a big grin and announcing that I was about to blow it... yeah, that gently), I would surely have let Satan win again today.

I almost went there, but I didn't.  

Thank God.

Today's challenge is to edify my husband before others, especially family members... his (my inlaws), mine (his inlaws), ours (our children).

I most definitely lack in this area with my inlaws.  I do not often praise Jon in front of his parents or siblings.  Sometimes I want to, but something holds me back.  I will try to be more mindful of this.

As far as my family, well... they are more apt to praise him to ME.  My mother is constantly telling me what a good husband he is, what a good father he is, what a good man he is.  She has always seen something very special in Jon and she doesn't keep silent about letting him (or others) know.  I'm thankful for her praises as I believe they mean an awful lot to him.  From here on out, I will try to beat her to the punch... the encouragement and edification punch. 

Lastly, our kids know how awesome I think their Dad is.  I say so often.  He does too... compliment me in front of them.  Perhaps we ARE doing something right afterall?

Not taken this morning, but the same face that was telling me not to blow it!  
See what I have to put up with?

Father's Day a few years back...

 More Father's Day fun...

He says she's not his favorite?  

Until tomorrow...


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