Thursday, March 28, 2013

Days 14, 15 & 16...

My heart is full today. 

First and foremost, I am still a non-complainer.  This week has been unusually busy in the kid's activity and doctor appointment areas... and we have had house guests... but I think I have done okay with remaining calm, cool and collected (well, maybe not cool as my mother was here and likes the house very VERY warm so I was anything BUT cool lemme-tell-ya). 

(Of course, having the house guests that I did (mother and sister) means that I haven't had to cook OR clean since they arrived so that sure does help decrease grumbling on my part.  BIG thank yous and I love you so muches to them.)

(I know muches isn't a word).

Anyway... onto days 14, 15 and 16 of this 30-day husband encouragement challenge...

Day 14:  Integrity.  I love that word... integrity.  I'm not even sure all that it encompasses but I know it's an honorable word.  I have done devotionals with my boys about that word and I want them to strive for that title... 'a man of integrity'.  Ms. DeMoss uses the words "honest, faithful, genuine" when she describes integrity and my dear husband is all of those.  One of his most used sayings is "it's who I am" and he doesn't compromise that.  He IS quiet and doesn't often speak openly about his faith, but he has a quiet, strong faith that I have witnessed move mountains. 

Day 15:  Spiritual strength:  I know this is an area that Jon feels he struggles (a lot) in.  I know he doesn't FEEL strong in the Lord.  I know he feels weak.  I know he feels like he has done a lot of wrong and stumbles around every corner... but he doesn't see what I see.  I see someone who keeps on keeping on.  I see someone who tries hard to please God (and his wife). I see someone who is far from perfect in himself but... day by day... is being made perfect in God.  I see strength and admire it.

Day 16:  Communication.  If there is one thing Jon and I are not, it's good communicators.  We are learning and improving and we have come a long way, but we have a LONG way to go.  He's always saying "I told you that" and I'm always saying "you never told me that".  Yep... far from perfect are we.

I'm half way there... livin' on a prayer (okay, so that last part about livin' on a prayer just came singin' out of nowhere easily... is that an old 80's song or something???).  It fits tho.  Perfectly.  I'm half way to the end of my 30-day husband encouragement challenge and I am living day to day by prayer.  And that prayer is being answered.  Mightily.  I'm blessed, encouraged and humbled.

They matched from head to toe for church
(and you would have thought Josh won the lottery)

 Nice catch...
(Jon... not the fish, lol)

My mother gave me a little golden nugget or two of advice before we said good-bye this morning.  

She looked me in the eye (hers with tears) and told me to tell Jon I love him often.  She said a lot isn't even enough.  She said she never told my father enough and wishes she could go back and do it over, tell him she loves him just one more time (she's on the other side of 85 and my father has been gone for almost 16 years).  

She also told me to kiss in front of the kids.  She said they need to see that.  

I thank God for my mother and the example she is in my life.  Wise words from a wise heart.  

Now go kiss your husband in front of your kids... 




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