Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2011 Down Syndrome Awareness Month... Day 14

Day 13 was busy and chaotic... no time to write. 

Best friends...

Abby was only 19 months old when Josh was born. She had just barely stopped crying for 10 hours a day (can we say colic for a loooong time??), was toddling around and had the deepest little voice. I love that stage... from about age 1.5 to 4... so fun! But I was taken from her...

For the next 6 months, I was barely her mom. I was barely anyone's mom. I was present, but not really present. We were in and out of the hospital, back and forth to the doctors... busy, busy, busy. But, in true Abby-fashion, she was a trooper! She adored her baby brother and was his second mother (and better mother) from the very beginning!

Today, Abby calls Josh her best friend. She is not only the best big sister in the whole entire world, she IS his best friend. She loves him unconditionally and it's very rare for them to argue (altho, watch out when they do). She stands up for him even in our home (and yes, Caleb is usually involved, lol).

I truly, honestly, do NOT know what I would do without Abby. When she was born, my mom said to me "I'm SO glad you have a daughter". I wasn't sure what she meant... I love my boys to the moon and back. But, Abby IS different.

She picks up where I left off. She gets him breakfast, she washes his face, she draws with him and plays with him and snuggles with him. And he doesn't argue with her!! She understands his speech in a way that amazes me... even his teachers and aides sometimes call upon her for help! I'm often in awe of (and a little jealous of) their relationship.

I've had to take a step back thru the years and not depend on her so much. She takes it upon herself to be there for Josh. It's just who she is... compassionate, with a great big heart! She says she wants him to live with her when she's married and has children... I wonder how her husband will feel about that?! :)

So Abby wrote a story too... and I'm sharing it with her permission (and instructions to tell you all that she was ONLY in 3rd grade, ONLY 8 years old). It was a more of a journal type story, so it's broken into several days.

Joshua Lewis... by Abby Lewis

Josh is my little brother. He has Down Syndrome. He got surgery on his heart when he was born. Right now, he's getting hip surgery. He's in the hospital right now. I miss him a LOT, LOT, LOT!! He always makes me feel better and he gives me something to do. He sure does have a lot of energy!

He's the best little brother ever! He has a big cast on him. It's blue. He wanted purple because it's his favorite color. I love him so much and I miss him a lot. He might be coming home on Saturday.  I have to go, I'll be back.

I'm back on February 4th, 2010. On Tuesday, we got to talk to Josh. It was awesome! But, not for a long time because he was really tired. He had medicine in him that made him tired. I feel bad for him because he just does not understand.  Well, I'll fill you in later. Okay... bye.

I'm back... Josh is home... YIPEE, YIPEE, YIPEE!! I don't know if I said this, but I missed Josh a LOT, LOT, LOT! 
And, about Josh's heart surgery... you might think this is scary, but he had a hole in his heart. I feel so bad for my little boy. Oh yeah, I did not tell you this before, but I call him my little boy.

He is not going to be in school for 2 weeks... that's a long time.  You should see how cute Josh is. I love him SO much! I know God will help him.  THE END

Today's picture is of the 1st time Abby held Josh. Look how BLUE he was!! Abby still has a great sense of style... but she wouldn't be caught dead in those overalls!! :)

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