Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 17

This post is about friends. True friends.

I know that having a mom call you and say "can (insert your child's name) come over after school today?" is no big deal. Right?

Well, you're wrong. It is a huge deal.

In fact, it happens so rarely that I don't care if the government closes (okay... sorta being funny there) or the world collides with the moon... I will find a way to get him there.

Josh was invited to a friend's house today. And we celebrated.

I joined him after a little while for coffee with the mom and he asked me to leave. He asked me to pick him up at 5.

I watched the 3 boys run, climb, laugh, wrestle, play, whisper to each other and laugh some more.

I sat in the kitchen while he was outside for a long time with the others.

I didn't check on him once.

I didn't rush to his side to be his voice.

I didn't make certain that everyone was being fair or that they could understand him or were including him.

I let them be.

And I thanked that mom for being MY true friend. To her it wasn't a big deal. To me... it was the biggest deal ever.

This is Matthew and Josh... one of the 2 boys with him today. Matthew is a good friend. He's the best kind of friend because he doesn't coddle Josh or put up with him... he's not afraid to say no to him or walk away from him. He helps him without hindering him. He's a treasure...

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