Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2011 Down Syndrome Awareness Month... Day 8


One of the not so lovely characteristics of Down Syndrome is their stubbornness. Anyone who has spent any time at all with Josh, knows how incredibly, makes you want to bang your head against a wall, stubborn he is! I'm determined to break him, but I'm not having a whole lotta luck with that!!

The 'professionals' (doctors, therapists and such) don't call it stubborn, they call it persistent. They assure me that I will live to see the day it serves him well, that persistence.

Sometimes it's funny tho...

Like the time he spent in time out one day, singing songs, twiddling his thumbs and waving hello as we passed by... for over an hour. Well over an hour. Hey, he was quiet and content... was it THAT bad I left him there that long?? :)

So somewhere along the line, he has learned to look me in the eye when I discipline him and respond... "so?". Where on earth did he learn THAT from? He certainly didn't learn it from the older kids because they wouldn't dare say that to me (and trust me, they have let me KNOW that he gets away with too much!). I admit, I probably did crack a smile when he first said it. You would have too... what with his squinty eyes, the shoulder shrug, tilt of the head and questioning tone.. so??? Sometimes I hate that he's so cute!

Thinking I was one step ahead of him, on one particular day, after disciplining him I said to him "and DON'T you say so" as I turned to leave.

He said... "so what".

I couldn't let that go, disciplined again and said "and DON'T you say so and DON'T you say so what" as I turned to leave.

He said "S-O" (yes, he SPELLED it... stinker).

Once again, I harshly explained why that's NOT okay and said "and DON'T you say so and DON'T you say so what and DON'T you SPELL s-o" as I turned to leave.

He was quiet. Phew... he FINALLY gets it!!

Moments later, he returned. He held a piece of paper in my face, on which he had WRITTEN, in super-sized letters... "SO"!!!

I don't believe the professionals... I don't think I'm going to live thru this!


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