Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 3

Thank you, Judi... for sharing your heart so beautifully and for sharing your son with each of us.  

I cannot count the number of times I have thought to myself, "I wish I knew then, what I know now..."

When Oliver was born, and we were told that he had down syndrome, I felt scared, worried, and sad. I don't know what I was expecting, but, I did not expect that Oliver would have such a fantastic personality.

I did not know that he would become a terrific reader with a deep love of books, and learning. I did not know that he would love to play board games, and watch Wipe Out on TV, or that he would become a baseball fan, or that he would share my love of moose tracks ice cream. I did not know that he would be learning to speak French in the 7th grade, or that he would become fascinated with the U.S. Presidents, or be able to identify more states on a map than I can.

I did not know that he would tell me, at least 15 times a day, that he loves me.

I did not know that he would come to love God in a way that challenges me to love God even more deeply. I did not know that even when times are tough, and challenges come, that he would greet every one of them with a smile, and a determination that would inspire me, and bring me to tears. I did not know that my heart would swell and nearly explode, with how much I love him.

I just did not know what an incredible gift we had received that day. I just did not know. So, again today, I find myself saying...."I wish I knew then, what I know now..." because if I had, I wouldn't have wasted even one millisecond feeling scared, worried or sad.

The last 14 years have been packed with joy and pride and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for, and to, my son. He is a great kid, with a great heart, who is living a great life. I am thankful every single day that, for all I didn't know, GOD knew, and that He chose to give us such an amazing and life changing gift, our son Oliver. ~ Judi L

(and by the way folks... she said she can't write... hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!)

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