Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 18

Phone ringing... answering machine picks up...

"Good evening, this is Ron Robert, principal of the North Berwick Elementary School"

Josh: YES!!!!!!!!!!!! (jumping up and down, fist pumping, running toward phone, swirling in circles.......)

Wish I had that much power to make him all giddy.

This little story is being brought to because of my sister.  You see, I posted it on my facebook last week because it made me laugh.  When that phone rang, Josh literally reacted exactly how I described it... he was FULL of excitement because Mr.  Robert was calling our house.  He loves connect-ed calls (calls that are made district-wide to inform families of the goings on at school).  He gets all excited every time he hears Mr. Robert's voice.  I honestly think he feels Mr. Robert is calling him because he's so important or something.  Hey... whatever makes you feel special, I guess.

(Sadly, this probably doesn't say much for having a healthy fear of the principal.)

When I posted it, my sister commented "the Josh that is joy".

So true.  Simple.  And joyful.  

If something so seemingly insignificant could cause me to fist pump and twirl my body... well, I'd give my right arm... (after I got up from the ground because twirling my body would DEFINITELY put me on the ground).

His joy is contagious.

Sharing these photos here because they make me smile.  First... who would have thought to take off your shoe and hold the football with it?  And second... NICE PUNT!

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