Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 20





So this past weekend our family was interviewed by a little local newspaper.  The reason for the article is to spread awareness about Down Syndrome.  The theme of the article is how it is to grow up with a sibling with Down Syndrome.  The reasoning behind doing the article was to help people.

The reporter was gracious and careful and lovely.  She asked good questions and we gave good answers, I think.  I had given her access to my facebook prior to the interview so she could get to know us a little, hoping to make her job a little easier.  She was honestly so sweet about my writing, but asked me to make my facebook public so she could point the readers in my direction.  "I think you really have a way of touching hearts", she said.  I was humbled and tickled... but had (big) concerns about opening my life up like that.  

So the argument in my head ensued.  Do I open it?  Do I keep it as friends only?  Do I create a whole 'nother page... just for Josh?  Do I create a group on facebook... again... just for Josh.  Do I move everything concerning Down Syndrome Awareness to my personal blog?  There were good reasons for all and obviously you can see what we decided (moving things to the blog).

In the process of thinking (and over-thinking) it through... I kept thinking about doing something just for Josh.  I just didn't sit right.  It felt wrong.

You see... we're all in this together.  

We are a family.  

Even during the interview... Caleb was missing and we felt it.  She (the gracious reporter) waited for him to come home to complete the interview.  She wanted him to be involved.  It wouldn't have been the same without him.  

Down Syndrome affects each of us... all in different ways but it definitely affects each of us.  We encourage each other and reprimand each other and pray for each other and... and this is a big one... laugh at each other.  We are (very) far from perfect... we don't even get near slightly good... but we are family.

The end.  

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