Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2011 Down Syndrome Awareness Month... Day 17

What's in a name?

Josh was born nameless. We discussed lots of names before he was born, but Jon and I just couldn't agree on anything. I loved the name Luke, but it irritated the pants off me every time Jon said "Luke, I am your father" in his very best Star Wars voice. And trust me, he said it a lot. So Luke was out...

We even discussed what his name would be all during labor... little did we know it would suddenly become an urgent matter. Apparently they couldn't transfer him to Boston as "baby boy with Down syndrome and a hole in his heart". He needed a name.

I couldn't pick a name under those circumstances. I couldn't even remember my own name at that moment. A name is important. My other kids all had strong, beautiful Bible names... but my mind was blank of all beautiful Bible names that morning.

Finally, Jon came in from the nursery one last time and said "I'm just going to tell them his name is Luke". He promised he'd stop using his Star Wars voice and tried to convince me to name him Luke. It's a good, strong name, he said. But I knew... it wasn't HIS name.

I said "no, his name is Joshua. Joshua Matthew... his name is Joshua Matthew Lewis".

What? Where did that come from? I didn't know WHERE it came from but I DID know THAT was his name. Jon looked at me just briefly, puzzled, and off he went to sign the necessary papers... Joshua Matthew Lewis.

We had talked about Joshua before our other babies were born. I have always loved the name Joshua. But there was already a Joshua in the family, and Jon was pretty adamant that our babies should have a name of their own.

So where did the name come from? I like to say God named Josh. It's my only explanation really. I didn't name him. The name Joshua hadn't even been uttered when discussing THIS baby... it had been decided against twice before.

Joshua means savior, God is my salvation. Matthew means gift from God.

I think it fits.

(Little funny: If you ask Josh his name he will say "Josh Lewis". If you call him buddy or handsome or honey, he corrects you... "no mom, Josh Lewis".

But, if you ask him to say his middle name with it... he says "Joshua Matthew Gorman". You see, he has a very good friend at school named Matthew Gorman and apparently the name Matthew cannot be separated from Gorman! He makes me laugh!)

Today's picture of Joshua Matthew Lewis and Matthew Gorman...a good friend with a great name!! :)

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