Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 22

Down Syndrome Awareness Month... Day 22

This post will show a side of me that I'm not proud of. Vanity.

This post will be vanity at its very best.

You have been warned.

We received the news that Josh would be of the male variety at our 20 week ultrasound. That same week, I began shopping. I love a good deal and I love nice clothes (you can blame my mother… THAT woman likes to shop). I found some great things. Really cute. Stylish. Great baby boy clothes.

And then he was born with Down Syndrome.

Almost immediately, my mind wandered to those clothes. I felt so sad that Josh would not be able to sport that great pair of jeans I found for him at the gap in size 0-3 mo.

Dumb Down Syndrome… now my kid wouldn’t be stylish.


Obviously, my own prejudices were taking over even before my son was 2 hours old. Visions of overweight, sweatpants, suspenders, crooked teeth, fingerprint filled thick glasses… prejudice, vanity, things that don’t even matter.

By the end of that day, I had found access to a computer and googled “attractive families living with Down Syndrome”.

I am not kidding.

(I wish I was)

Eventually I was led to an online community and enter Dawn and Jack.

I found photos on this website of the most beautiful family living with Down Syndrome. I mean, this is a really attractive family. They are the epitome of lovely.

But that’s not all I saw.

God saw fit that I could look beyond attire straight to their smiles. Their honest to goodness life is really good smiles. What comfort. What hope. What peace filled my heart.

Honestly, it’s so funny how God works and that He even cares about my affinity with dressing nicely… but He does. He used it teach me something much more important.

Jack is just a bit older than Josh and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow… and have more than thoroughly enjoyed his antics.

Dawn certainly still has that same beautiful smile and their family still gives me the same hope they did on the very first day of my journey… just deeper.

Thanks for letting me snatch your pictures Dawn. They make me smile. 

Told'ja they were beautiful people (inside AND out).

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