Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 16

Day 16... Down Syndrome Awareness Month

My husband is constantly getting irritated with my need to click.

You see, I have this longing desire to connect with people… our doctors, the teachers, insurance people, the mail-woman, the cashier at Market Basket, moms of my kid’s friends… you get my drift right? Connections are important. My husband just doesn’t see that (he’s SUCH an engineer, lol).

I love to get to know people but am not considerably talkative or outgoing. It's so important, I think, because they do not come easy for me. When they happen… it’s fantastic.

Amy and I clicked.

Amy is a busy homeschooling mom of 6 who asked me to come sit with her in the ICU while her son was hospitalized. It was there, in that small cubicle of Maine Medical’s ICU, covered in wires and tubes and bells and whistles, that she became a very good friend. A confidant. Someone who gets me.

We don’t get to spend time together like I wish because of the distance between us, but we know that we have each other’s back in prayer... and we're only an email, text or facebook message away from each other.

I look at Amy and see strength. Her days are long (and sometimes difficult). Her children are young and full of energy. And I know she doesn’t see the strength that others see, but it’s quite obvious that God makes up the difference in her life. In my life. In this life.

When I asked her to write for me, she said I could share one of her blog entries and the song she wrote for Noah. Both are incredibly beautiful and incredibly packed with love.

As I was re-reading her first blog entry yesterday, I found myself right back at the very moment Josh was born. It was just like I was living (again) what I was reading. The place where she describes that her world came to a halt made me gasp.

Thank you, Amy… for being so vulnerable, honest and willing to share. Thank you for being my friend. 

A link to her (beautiful) blog...

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