Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 19

I love this photo.

Because he has 3 older siblings and because those siblings are involved in sports, Josh has been to his share of baseball games, football games, softball games and wrestling meets.

He does play baseball on a special needs baseball team, but would love being out there on the field (or on the mat) just like his 3 older siblings.  He loves everything about sports.

I sometimes feel guilty for not getting him more involved in local athletics, but it really does take a level of commitment on my part that I'm not totally comfortable with.  First, you have to trust that the coach wants him on the team because, if the coach isn't into having a kid like Josh on the team, it just can't work.  I admit... I struggle with that kind of trust when it comes to Josh.  Second, I'd really have to be available to help and I'm not really one to be in front of the crowd.  Josh did not get his love for being the center of attention from me.

He never complains or whines to join a team or join his siblings.  He's a great fan too.  He's content to go and sit in the stands, cheering (usually by name and usually loudly) for his 3 siblings and all their friends.  He's been known to cheer for the opponent too (usually by name and usually loudly).  I love that about him... he doesn't take sides.

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