Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness... Day 12

Thank you, Kellie... for being you. For being willing to learn. For being awesome.

And here is Ms. Kellie's beautiful heart...

My new job was to be working with children with special needs…. little did I know I was the one who was special….specially picked to work with these children.

My supervisor told me that I would be working with a little girl that has Down Syndrome in Kindergarten. I remember smiling and thinking….oh I hope I can do this and I hope she likes me.

The school bus pulls up and I see her.. I think to myself oh my she is so small, so pretty and her classroom teacher takes her off the bus greets her with a smile and hug. Then she brings her to me “This is Ms. Kellie and she will be with you and help you when you come to school.” I smile at her, seeing the fear in her eyes, I kneel down and we hug and hold hands and go into school.

Well during the year she learned to write, and read, just like all the other kids, except not as easy as other kids… but may have had to work harder to hold a pencil, and may have had to say a word over and over until someone understood what she was saying. But we worked hard, we laughed, we learned together. I was so proud and will always be grateful to have had her in my life.

We were told the children we were going to have the following year. My supervisor told me you will be with a boy that has Down Syndrome. I’ve seen him, he was in the other class. I remember thinking... wow he has a lot more energy than what I am used to, I hope I can do this, I hope he likes me. I remember his mom looking at me, and she stopped me and asked “So are you excited to work with my son next year?” Yes! I’ve seen him… I can’t wait! ( I wasn’t scared until that moment.)She smiled and said well i'm glad and we will see you next year! Then I was thinking I hope she will like me!

1st. Grade…..I see him coming...he’s with his mom, brother and sister. His teacher greets him and his mom, And she introduced to him to me and said this is Ms. Kellie she will be with you and help you when you're at school. He looks at me and gives a quick smile, and off we go.

From 1st -4th I have been with this brave, funny, smart, kind, caring wonderful boy who made me laugh more times than I can count. And I’ve taught him I can be just as stubborn sometimes and get what I want from him as much as his stubbornness won many of hours of down time during school for him. The stories I could tell would make you smile, cry, and maybe have you wonder why I do the job that I do...I do know without a doubt that he will always have a special spot in my heart.

I do believe God puts people in our lives in times when we need them…..I am blessed to have both children still in mine….I’ve learned so much and have made some wonderful friends because of them.

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