Monday, October 21, 2013

October, 2011 Down Syndrome Awareness Month... Day 4

A small victory...

I know I promised nothing heavy today... I even promised a laugh or two... but we experienced a small victory last night. It's not heavy, just absolutely thrilling!

Josh slept thru the night... in his own bed... all by himself... all night!!!!!!!!!!! 

Did everyone hear that??

Josh... he slept in his own bed, all by himself, all night!!!!

Yeah, I know... I should have posted this 8 or so years ago. The whole cry it out thing went flying out the window when my last baby was born. Plus, he had needs that were different than the others (please don't ask me what those are... just know that's one of my justifications for sleeping with him for 8 years!). I think I felt like I needed to protect him or something.

And you have never seen anyone work a bed like Josh... upside down, inside out, head on heels, sitting up, head hitting wall, feet kicking, hands flying... forget blankets. We've had blood tests, reflux tests and sleep studies. We've tried big beds, little beds and floors. We've used 1 pillow, 6 pillows and no pillows. Night time is not usually considered fabulous! For me anyway... he sleeps fine thru it all. Unless I'm not with him.

For the last week or so, we have worked hard at getting him to stay in his bed, alone. My dark circles are proof that it hasn't come easy. But last night... HE DID IT! We were all so proud of him this morning! High fives, hugs... we even swung him in the air! He was tickled.

Every small victory gets big recognition around here. Josh works hard to succeed. Maybe it's sounding out words correctly, putting on his shoes or sleeping all alone in his bed all night long... we clap and sing and dance. He works hard for things that come so naturally to the rest of us.

So this morning we celebrated (and hoped nobody was watching)! You should see us when he takes a bite of a food he's never tried before!!! :)

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